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The Process.

Mandy’s design process usually starts with a spark ignited by a fantastic fabric. Various Canadian fabric suppliers, representing mills from around the world, are visited during the design phase. Sometimes, amazing deadstock vintage fabric is found and incorporated into a design. Once a style has been dreamed up, a pattern is drafted by hand and sizes are graded manually (on a trusty, vintage Sunny Young Accurate Speed Grader). Pattern markers are made for cutting and, to save time (and sanity), layers upon layers of material are laid out on a 12’ cutting table and sizes are cut in bulk with various fabric-cutting saws. Pieces are then sewn together on Mandy’s array of vintage (her favourite machine is a Singer from 1947!) and new (2-year old, fabulously fast cover-stitch) sewing machines. She designs, sews, presses, and finishes all garments (with reluctant, occasional help from family and unsuspecting friends visiting for the weekend) herself in Ontario Canada.