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Mandala Design ~ Spring/Summer Collection

Melissa Coombs March Blog New Arrivals Spring/Summer 2019 Store News

Winter has to come to an end, and when it does, we'll be ready!! Check out our NEW 2019 Spring/Summer Collection. 

EUNICE Peaked Collar Dress - In Store End-April 
FRANK Gathered Shoulder Tank - In-Store NOW!
SILHOUETTE Wide Leg Pant - In-Store End April
HARBOUR Linen Drawstring Dress - In-Store Mid-May
CLEO Slouch Tee - In-Store Mid-March
DUNE Linen Stripe Skirt - In-Store Mid-May
FAWCETT Flutter Dress - In-Store Mid-April
OLLIE Cotton Jersey Tee NOW!
BRIDGET Gathered Shoulder Dress - In-Store NOW!
FARAH Print Flutter Tee - In-Store NOW!
DEAN Denim ButtonFront Midi - In-Store Early April
MAMIE Cotton Slit Neck Dress - In-Store End-March
WILLOW Flutter Tee - In-Store NOW!
MARGIE Print ButtonFront Midi - In-Store End-March
EUGENIE Dotty Peaked Collar Dress - In-Store NOW!
DARCY Peaked Collar Tee - In-Store Mid-March
JANE Print Flip Skirt - In-Store End March
EDIE Wing Collar Dress - In-Store End-March
FRANNIE Print Gathered Shoulder Tank - In-Store NOW!
SILHOUETTE Flip Skirt - In-Store NOW!
AUDREY Linen Print Dress - In-Store End-May
BLANCHE Print Voile Tunic - In-Store End-May
SILHOUETTE Legging - In-Store NOW!
BROOKE Maxi Dress - In-Store Early June
It's been a long Winter, but Spring is on the way!!

Photography Roberto Vazquez Photography :
Hair / Make-Up Catherine Dyett-Armstrong
Model - Sabrina, B&M Models :


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