**LAST DAY for in-store shopping is SATURDAY, AUG. 20th!**FREE SHIPPING in Canada on orders over $150**
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Let's give it a GO!

Mandy Armstrong

So...the past few months have been WILD!

I've been sewing masks like crazy and going a bit mad trying to keep Mandala together on my own. It's been exhausting, it's been lonely and for a while I couldn't see my way through this Covid fog.

But maybe, just maybe, the fog might be lifting...a little?...a smidge?

I know that the risk of spreading Covid-19 is still very real and that we'll need to be really, really careful re-opening the shop for drop-in shopping. To that end, the Mandala gang and I have rejigged the store and have put a bunch of new procedures in place to minimize that risk as much as possible. And this Saturday from 12 - 5pm, we're going to give it a go!

Here are some of the things we're doing to keep you (and us!) as safe as we can:

  • when you arrive, ring our doorbell (hold for 3 secs) for service and to gain entry to the shop (doorbell will be cleaned throughout the day).
  • maximum 2 customers in the shop at one time.
  • hand sanitizer is available at the door and throughout the shop.
  • masks are mandatory - we will provide you with a disposable mask if you need one or you can purchase one of our cotton masks to keep and re-use.
  • 1 change room will be in use and will be disinfected between each customer.
  • tried-on clothing will be steamed and removed from the floor for 48 hours (please understand that this might mean that the piece you'd like to try may not be immediately available).
  • we will handle and show you the items that you're interested in (like a personal shopper!) as much as possible.
  • a physical distance of 2m will be maintained between everyone in the shop.
  • the cash desk has been made bigger and moved to a central location so that non-contact payment and pick-up of purchase is easier.

Of course, our online shop is still open and we'll continue to offer curb-side pick-up for online orders. We're also working steadily on uploading our accessories to the online shop if you're not comfortable coming in just yet.

It feels like this is a brand new way of doing business and we so appreciate all your support and understanding as we navigate our way through this fog. If this weekend works well, we'll schedule regular "Drop-In Shopping" days and hopefully we'll see your happy faces in the store once again.

Thank you, thank you Mandala Fans, maybe we'll see you on Saturday?


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