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Drop-In Shopping

We're happy to announce that we've expanded the days that you can drop by and shop in-store at Mandala Design! We can't wait to see your smiling faces (well, your smiling EYES....because we'll all be wearing masks)!

DROP-IN SHOPPING: CLOSED temporarily during the City of Toronto Covid-19 lock-down.

Store Policy:

  • Masks mandatory - you can bring your own or we will provide one for you
  • 3 Customers maximum in the shop at one time
  • Hand Sanitizer upon entry
  • Keep your distance - please remain at least 2 metres from other occupants of the shop whenever possible
  • One change room in use at a time
  • Please do not enter the shop if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19

New Shopping Procedures:

  • When you arrive, please RING our DOORBELL for entry into the shop. This allows us to provide you with hand sanitizer and a mask (if needed) and ensure that the shop is not at capacity.
  • If you are shopping for small items, jewellery or accessories, we will give you a basket to collect any pieces that you handle so that we can disinfect the ones that you decide not to purchase.
  • Please try to limit the number of items you take into the change room to allow other customers time and to decrease the number of pieces that need to be 'Steamed and Quarantined’.
  • Use non-contact payment methods as much as possible

Our Commitments to You:

  • All high-touch surfaces (door handles, doorbell, POS terminal etc.) will be cleaned and sanitized frequently throughout the day
  • Small items handled but not purchased will be cleaned (where possible) before being returned to the display.
  • Change room will be sanitized between each customer (please allow 5 - 10 minutes between visitors to allow for cleaning).
  • Garments tried on and not purchased will be steamed and quarantined for 24 hours before being put back on the floor. Please note - this may mean that a style / size you wish to try might not be immediately available.
  • We will observe all recommended safety measures (physical distancing, hand washing, face coverings etc.) while customers are in-store.